CGI’s 2018-2019 Insights to Action Report presents the global insights and perspectives we gain from listening to our clients and showcases the innovative work we are doing to support them in becoming digital organizations.
Dream Connectors is a global CGI initiative that advances our ongoing commitment to improving the well-being of our communities through technology and the engagement of our consultants.
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Serving as a caring and responsible corporate citizen

One of CGI’s strategic goals is for our communities to recognize us as a caring and responsible corporate citizen, and corporate social responsibility is one of our six values. In collaboration with our clients — and through the expertise of our consultants — we strive to be a global leader in encouraging and educating more young people to be technically literate, benefiting the well-being of our communities, and supporting environmental sustainability.

A key means by which we serve our communities is through our Dream Connectors?program. Every year?as part of this


global?initiative, we invite all of our?consultants to submit project ideas for improving the well-being of their communities, and selected projects receive CGI support, including access to technology, volunteers and funding.

Dream Connectors relates closely to the CGI Dream:

To create an environment in which we enjoy working together and, as owners, contribute to building a company we can be proud of."


Together, CGI?consultants are dream connectors, helping to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of local communities through their technology expertise and positive engagement.

Learn more about Dream Connectors.