This blog discusses the importance of digitizing the credit management journey from end-to-end.
Originating loans is a key part of most banks’ business. Loans come in many different varieties—from consumer to corporate, from secured to unsecured, from automobile to home loans. Despite these...
NACHA’s Payments 2019 brought together hundreds of finance professionals to discuss today’s most pressing payment topics. While APIs, same-day ACH and data monetization were key topics, the biggest focus was...
In the first blog in this two-part series, I wrote about the key business challenges trade banks are facing in today’s increasingly digital marketplace. In this follow-up blog, I focus...
The industries and customers trade banks serve are digitally transforming their businesses and supply chains. In turn, this is driving customer demand for trade banks to deliver services seamlessly, faster...

Brexit and banking: Implications to consider

Jerry Norton Jerry Norton

2019-04-09 Brexit is top of mind, of course, for most of our banking clients in Europe and, indeed, across the globe. Given the current situation, there remains confusion, with many unanswered...

Capital markets: Top 4 barriers to digital transformation

Jerry Norton Jerry Norton

2019-03-29 This CGI blog post discusses the top four barriers to digital transformation for today’s corporate banks.

Corporate and transaction banks: Top 5 business and IT priorities

Jerry Norton Jerry Norton

2019-03-15 This CGI blog post discusses the top five business and IT priorities for today’s corporate banks.

Extending the bank: Key drivers, technologies and steps

Jerry Norton Jerry Norton

2019-02-25 What does it mean to extend the bank? Traditionally, banks have manufactured, distributed and managed all of their own products and services. The concept of extend describes how this traditional...

Protecting the bank: Key challenges and opportunities

jan macek Jan Macek

2019-01-29 This CGI blog post discusses current challenges and opportunities in protecting the bank.